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How did you view What’s Up With Opioids?
How much did What’s Up With Opioids? help you better understand...
...the opioid crisis in general.
...why young adults are at higher risk.
...the warning signs of misuse and addiction. to prevent misuse and addiction.
...where to find additional information and help.
After using this site, how much do you believe...
...addiction doesn't discriminate.
...addiction is a disease of choice.
...opioid misuse and addiction can be avoided.
Did this website motivate you to consider....
...trying non-opioid treatments first.
...taking opioid pain medication only as directed by a doctor.
...asking your doctor for naloxone (the opioid reversal drug).
...not sharing prescription pain medication with others.
...sharing What's Up With Opioids? with family or friends.

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